One thought on “apples from local orchard

  1. well. i learned today how they pick apples here, maybe everywhere for all i know but i doubt it…very small organic farms , part of an association with very limited hired help, as in none…so today when the next farm needed 4 of its trees harvested i was asked to help. this orchard has maybe 60 trees and today we were to pick 4 of them…i spent the first 10 minutes trying to ask WHICH apples to pick, and finally realized he was telling me HOW to pick…its seems when they harvest a tree they pick it totally clean of fruit, and the important part is not damaging the tree, as there is very little of it..these are very , very old trees and grow an astounding amount of fruit with so very little in a couple hours 4 of us picked 520 Kg of fruit from 4 trees and their cut was 115 Kg…


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