My Patreon is now LIVE!

Exciting news!

I have just launched a Patreon page for my Shrine Project & Japanecdotes Video Blog! It can be accessed via:

What is the Patreon for?

This fall, I will be traveling to the Aso region of Kyushu (southern Japan) to continue my Shrine Project (the digital restoration of historic and culturally important artworks at Japanese shrines and temples). The Aso region is part of the area that suffered severe damage in the recent Kumamoto Earthquake, and thus the artwork at the shrines and temples there (artwork that in many cases is already weathered and worn simply by time and the elements) are in even greater danger of being permanently lost. I will taking new footage for my Japanecdotes Video Blog while there as well, and hope to help in documenting and raising awareness of the situation as the reconstruction from the earthquake progresses.

My Video Blog videos will be posted here on my website, and can also be found at Alan’s Japanecdotes on YouTube. Currently I am posting footage from my last trip to Itoshima, and as soon as I land in Aso I will begin uploading footage taken there. I try to take a variety of video clips that show what life in suburban and rural Japan is really like, as opposed to the busy metropolitan and/or hyper-traditional footage most frequently shown.

Why Patreon?

The reason for the Patreon is that the Shrine Project is, for now, mostly self-funded. I believe in the importance of saving and recording information about these works of art before they are worn away beyond recovery, and at the moment I am funding airfare, travel expenses, cameras, etc for the Shrine Project and the Video Blog myself. Every little bit helps me to continue this project — even $1 a month helps a great deal.

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More information can be found on main page of my Patreon. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:

Thank you for your support!!